Wonderful Work Wall

Each week the children selected for achiever will have their work showcased on the schools wonderful work wall, as well as during achievers assembly breakfast.

Below are this weeks wonderful work. 


Parrot – Layton for listening well, working hard and trying his best in number sessions. Layton has been finding the answer to addition number sentences using his fingers and numicon.

Kingfisher –Ryan for fact and retrieval and becoming more confidence in answering questions using a more complex text.

Starling-Bobby-Joe for a huge improvement with his reading and writing and for being such a kind and helpful member of Year 1. Bobby-Joe has been an absolute pleasure to teach all year!

Woodpecker-Mckenzie for working hard to produce a brilliant poem about the seaside

Owl-Chloe for brilliant poetry writing and for amazing progress in phonics.

Heron-Max for modelling consistently good behaviour throughout the day. You are a pleasure to have in class!

Robin-Isaac for making huge improvements in his written work and thinking carefully about what he is wanting to write before writing it. He is also editing independently to make improvements and correct errors made.

Kestrel-Alfie for his brilliant poetry skills in English. Not only did Alfie follow the success criteria, but he also challenged himself to use a range of grammatical features, such as prepositional phrases, to improve the poem. Well done Alfie!-

Swan- Holly for always showing exceptional handwriting consistently across all subjects. It is clear that Holly takes great pride in all of her work and her effort in all areas is exemplary. Keep up the excellent work Holly!

Eagle-Angel for contributing some good deeper thinking ideas about changes across a timeline in history.

 Falcon -Kalem, even though he had not been feeling 100% last week, he gave 100% in his work. Mrs Bidmead and I are so proud of your sketching because you have taken your time and really perfected and critiqued your skills. I am also really impressed with your writing and handwriting, keep up the good work!

Flamingo-Charley for being a fantastic helping hand to Mrs Thompson, Miss Coates and Mr Gilliland this past week!  



Well done everyone, this weeks work has been amazing!