Weekly Achievers

This weeks achievers are:

Team Godley: Evelynn 

Evelynn is an absolute credit to Carcroft Primary. She can always be relied upon to set a good example and has the most fantastic attitude towards her learning. She is a pleasure to have in class and is always so thoughtful and friendly towards her peers and adults. We are so proud of you Evelynn!

Team Williams: Tommy 

For showing a change in his learning behaviours this week. Tommy is working super hard on sitting on the carpet during learning time and making sure that he is listening really well. Well done, Tommy! Keep it up!

Team Wroe: Lacey-Rose 

For trying so hard with her writing. She is using her Fred talk and Fred fingers to sound out words, and is now able to write some words independently. I am so proud of her effort and how far she has come! Keep up the great work Lacey!

Team Welburn: Millie-Grace 

For a super piece of writing. Millie has tried really hard to include adjectives to describe a storm and she has independently used and, and because to join and extend her sentences. This is amazing Millie!

Team Mason: Pedro 

For being an amazing role model for all of his peers in Team Mason. He works hard in every lesson and because of this he is making fantastic progress in his reading and writing. Well done Pedro!

Team Shields: Preston 

For working extremely hard in all areas of his learning. He has made significant progress in writing and is growing in confidence every lesson. He has a great imagination and this is starting to show in his writing. Keep up the great work Preston.

Team RM:  Nate 

For becoming a fantastic member of Team RM. Nate is thinking much more about his actions and other people's feelings which has been lovely to see. Nate has a much more positive attitude to his learning which has ensured he has made great progress, especially in Maths.

Well done Nate, keep your positive attitude up!

Team Boswell: Lucia 

You have had a fantastic week!  You have been focused throughout all of our learning and have done everything you can to be a good friend and a good coach to your peers; a brilliant role model for being ready, respectful and safe.  Well done, Lucia.

Team Marsh: Zane 

For massively impressing me in Spring 1 and 2, Zane is making a real effort to show me he is being ready, respectful and safe in the classroom and around the classroom. Zane is improving his active lesson by showing me eye contact and asking questions on anything he might be unsure of. This is really impressive to see Zane, well done and Keep it up!

Team Gerrard: Isaac 

Isaac, you fully deserve to be achiever. You could win it every week, as your attitude is absolutely fantastic. You try your best every single day and help to encourage others to do their best as well. Keep it up Isaac!

Team Ibbotson: Alissa 

For trying really hard with her learning this week especially in writing and maths. She has really challenged herself and this has made off in the great progress she has made. I really believe in you Alissa and know that you are capable of great things. Well done and keep this up!

Team Fox: Charlie 

For his resilience in maths. Keep it up Charlie!

Well done everyone!