Weekly Achievers

This weeks achievers are:

Team Godley: Lydia 

For having such a great attitude towards learning. She is always setting a good example to her peers and following our school rules - ready, respectful and safe and always eager to learn. At such a young age, Lydia is already a role model in our class. Keep up the great work Lydia!

Team Williams: Tiarna 

 For being a kind friend, when some children are upset, Tiarna makes sure that they are feeling better by giving them a hug or just by checking on them throughout the day. We feel very lucky that Tiarna is a part of Team Williams.

Team Wroe: Sasha 

Sasha has been trying so so hard with her writing about The Great Fire of London this week. She has come up with some brilliant sentences and has put in so much effort with her spelling, using her phonics. I am so proud of her! Keep up the good work Sasha!

Team Welburn: James 

For trying really hard to be independent in Team Welburn this week, especially in his writing. He has put in 100% effort in his read, write, ink lessons to learn new sounds and spellings and has worked extra hard to transfer this to his writing around the Great Fire of London. Keep this up James, you are a pleasure to have in our team!

Team Mason: Kaitlyn 

For always being ready to learn, showing good knowledge and enthusiasm in everything she does.

Team Shields:  Heidi 

Heidi has really enjoyed her theme lessons this half term and has even extended her learning at home. She created a fantastic lapbook about the Vikings which she shared with the rest of our team. This showed Heidi was actively listening because she has used quite a few of the facts we have learned in class. This set a great example to the other team members because other children went home and created their own lapbooks. Well done, keep up the hard work.

Team RM:  Tommy 

For show much more active listening in Maths lessons. During Maths this week we have being leaning time and Tommy has been able to read the time and also answer problem solving questions after carefully listening to input from team leaders. Well done Tommy and keep it up.

Team Schofield: Macey 

For being a mature, helpful and trusted member of the team. Well Done Macey!

Team Marsh: Kai 

Kai has tried really hard with his writing and handwriting this week, he constantly is striving to do his best and include all the grammar features he has been taught. Well done Kai, keep up the hard work because your handwriting is lovely and has massively improved!

Team Gerrard: Star 

Star you have been amazing throughout your time in Team Gerrard. You work really hard and try your best all of the time. I can rely on you to be a fantastic role model and help whenever it is needed. Keep going Star, because you are brilliant!

Team Ibbotson: Darcey 

For always giving 100% in everything she does. It does not matter what area of the curriculum it is, her work is always presented beautifully and she is continuing to challenge herself especially in maths. She even did some extra history work at home. What more can I ask for? Keep up the fantastic work Darcey.

Team Fox: Skye 

For her fantastic Anglo Saxon limerick poem. Super creative - well done!

Team Beedle: Rowen 

For working really hard this week to overcome his worries and finish all of your tasks. You bring a lot of fun, laughter and energy to the class and we love you being there.

Well done everyone!