Weekly Achievers

This weeks achievers are:

Team Nicholson: Charlotte

I am enjoying seeing all the learning you are doing at home. You are doing a great job helping your mummy and learning lots of new things. You have done amazing learning to write your name on your own, keep up the good work!

Team Godley: SJ

SJ has been working incredibly hard at home! He has mastered writing his name, drawn a fantastic rocket and blown me away with his maths, including completing work from F2, the year above! It is so lovely seeing everything you are getting up to SJ, keep up the great work, you are a little superstar!

Team Godley: Lydia

Lydia, you have absolutely blown me away with all of your fantastic work at home! You are so enthusiastic and this shows with all the wonderful things you have been up to at home with your family. Your photos always make me smile. Keep up the great work Lydia; we are so proud of you.

Team Williams: Bronwyn

Bronwyn, you have worked so hard with your home learning and I can see a huge improvement in your number formation. I have loved seeing all the lovely things that you and your sister have been getting up to at home. Well done, Bronwyn! I'm so proud of you!

Team Wroe:Billy 

Billy has been doing some fantastic home learning! I am particularly impressed with Billy's handwriting, as I know at school he sometimes struggled to form his letters neatly. He has been practising this at home every day and his handwriting has improved so much! I am so proud of him. Keep up the brilliant work and effort Billy!

Team Welburn: Amelia

Amelia has been carrying out lots of different activities at home with her family and it is good to see her working as part of a team and trying to do things we don't always get the chance to do at school. Amelia has even been having a go at cooking! Your pizza looked delicious Amelia - Me and Miss Holdsworth would have liked to try it! Keep up this hard work you superstar!

Team Mason: Chloe

For working hard at home to create some amazing pieces of History work! It was lovely to see photos of Chloe looking so happy and proud when sending in her work.

Team Shields: Jake 

Jake has been working really hard with all his learning even when he finds it tricky. This shows great determination and resilience. Not only has Jake been completing his home learning tasks, he has also been doing lots of outdoor learning. I have really enjoyed the book review he sent me and look forward to hearing the next one. Well done Jake!

Team RM:  Lucas

Lucas has completed all home learning activities and has shown great dedication to every task. He has tried extremely hard in every piece of work and has shown great commitment and resilience to his learning at home. We are extremely impressed with Lucas's positive attitude to his home learning and it has been wonderful to see his achievements. Well done Lucas and keep it up! 

Team Marsh: Chloe

Chloe you have worked so hard whilst being off School and I especially enjoyed your story you wrote! I love how you also used the success criteria! Well done Chloe, keep the hard work up!

Team Gerrard: Luke

You have completed some tremendous home learning. Your attitude to your work has been fantastic and you have tried your best in all that you have done. Keep going Luke; you're doing a brilliant job!

Team Ibbotson: Alex

You're doing a really good job with your home learning Alex! You've completed some really fantastic work, including your writing. Keep it up Alex!

Team Fox: Charlie

Charlie has really challenged himself with his home learning. He has made me so proud with his resilience and effort and is pushing himself to achieve the tricky learning challenges. I know his mum is also super proud of the hard work he is putting in at home. Well done Charlie!

 XP Challenge: Heidi

You have shown such a great desire in your home learning and have added so much to our online lessons. Keep showing us that great confidence Heidi - you're doing an amazing job!

 XP Challenge: Lindsey

Your learning has been fantastic on your home learning and you have added so much to the discussions. Keep it up Lindsey you're doing a really good job!


Well done everyone!