Weekly Achievers

This weeks achievers are:

Team Godley: Shelby 

 For always setting a good example to her peers and always ready to learn. Shelby demonstrates positive learning behaviours in everything she does. She has been so enthusiastic about her phonics and she is applying her knowledge and skills independently in her work. Keep up the great work Shelby, you are a superstar!

Team Williams:Daisy 

 For being able to blend sounds together to read words really well. Daisy had worked really hard learning her all of her sounds and she can even blend them together to make words. She is a superstar! Well Done, Daisy! We're so proud of you!

Team Wroe: Talia 

For trying so hard in her writing over the last few weeks. She is checking if she has all of her capital letters, full stops and finger spaces, all by herself. Talia has been writing sentence after sentence independently and keeps asking if she can write more! She is a superstar and a pleasure to have in my classroom.

Team Welburn: Lacey-Jo

For being exceptional this week in her RWI lessons. She has joined in with all parts of the lesson, tried really hard with her blending, and she has even done some extra practice at home! You are a superstar Lacey-Jo!

Team Mason:Chase 

For demonstrating a fantastic understanding of both halves and quarters of amounts and have been able to use your understanding to reason about fractions and solve problems. You have also been able to support your peers by explain your thinking when answering reasoning problems. Well done Chase!

Team Shields: Ryleigh 

For working hard on all areas of her learning and always trying her best. She is trying especially hard in writing to ensure that her sentences make sense. This can be a hard skill to develop but she doesn't let it stop her and shows fantastic resilience. Well done.

Team RM: Ethan 

 For being a much more independent and resilient learner. You are trying your best in all your learning, everyday! This shows in the amazing progress that you have made this half term, especially in writing and reading. Keep up your hard work Ethan! 

Team Boswell:Lila 

For fantastic attitude to learning and is always ready and enthusiastic to learn.  Keep this up, well done!

Team Marsh: Hassan 

Hassan has worked incredibly hard since coming back after Christmas, especially in his core subjects. Hassan has made sure he understands what he is learning and the concepts to help him do this. He started to apply all of his skills to his learning, as well as making sure his work is neat! Well done Hassan. Keep it up!

Team Gerrard: Lewis 

Lewis, I cannot fault your attitude to learning at the moment. You have been on fire in reading, writing and maths and all the other topics. It is amazing to see you wanting to improve and contribute to lessons. Plus, you're a really fantastic member in Team Gerrard. Keep it up Lewis, you should be really proud.

Team Ibbotson: Leah 

 For always being so enthusiastic towards her learning, she never gives up even when she finds things tricky and she is a fantastic role model for her peers. Ultimately, Leah is a pleasure to teach and I hope she carries on being the superstar I know she can be. 

Team Fox: Macey 

For her resilience in maths this half term. She is showing above and beyond effort and I am so proud of her hard work this half term. Well done!


Well done everyone!