Weekly Achievers

This weeks achievers are:

Team Wroe: Ellie 

For being a superstar! I could write loads about her. She is a role model in my classroom and is always ready, respectful and safe. Ellie tries so hard in everything she does. I am so impressed with her writing this week about Vlad the Flea from our story of the great fire of London. From day 1 of being in Year 1 Ellie has given her all, keep up all the good work Ellie!

Team Welburn: Charlie 

Although Charlie was a little reluctant to participate in discussions at the beginning of the week, he has grown in confidence as the week has gone on and has tried really hard to put his hand up and share answers when we have been looking at addition in maths. Keep this up in all lessons Charlie!

Team Mason: Georgie 

For always showing what it means to be a good team member. You always work well with your partner during partner work activities and are always willing to support the children on your table if they need help. You are a pleasure to teach Georgie! Well done!

Team Shields:  Aaliyah 

For showing active listening during writing and has been trying really hard to act on the feedback given to her. Writing is something that Aaliyah has to work hard on and she definitely has the right attitude this term towards her learning. Well done.

Team Roberts/McClare: Tommy 

For showing brilliant active listening skills in theme lessons. Tommy has shown he is becoming a super historian by finding information from different sources and has loved sharing his new found knowledge with the rest of the team. Well done Tommy and keep it up!

Team Schofield: Noah 

For really making an effort this week in being the best he can possibly be. He has over exceeded in his work and helped others. Noah is always active listening and you can always rely on him to be able to tell the answer or help others who may not have been actively listening. Well done Noah, you are a fab role model for Year 4!

Team Marsh: Lacey 

For really standing out in class ALL of the time, everything I ask Lacey does and more! She is a superstar! She is always actively listening and ensures her presentation is really neat. Keep it up Lacey, you put a smile on my face.

Team Gerrard:   Jack 

For having a fantastic start since you have returned to school. Your attitude has been exceptional. We know how fantastic you are at maths, but your effort in literacy has really been noticeable, too. You even joined your handwriting, which shows this improve attitude. Keep helping your team mates like you have been. Well done Jack!

Team Ibbotson:  Leah 

For settling into Team Ibbo really well. She has tried really hard with her learning, has joined in with class and groups discussions and I look forward to seeing how well she can do this year!

Team Fox: Eliza 

For being a helpful and caring when support people in arithmetic this week. Well done!

Team Beedle: Sean 

For settling into a new classroom exceptionally well and working hard to make the right choices all the time.

Well done everyone!