Forest School

At Carcroft Primary School we now have our own Qualified Forest School Practitioner-Miss Haddock who will run weekly workshops for all children. These will mainly take place on Monday- Thursday afternoons.
This is where children participate in activities and games designed to build self-esteem, communication skills, independence and self- confidence through an appreciation of the natural environment.  The ethos of Forest Schools is to allow children the time and space to develop skills, interests and understanding with practical, hands-on experiences in a natural environment. Children will use tools, play, learn boundaries of behaviour both physical and social, grow in confidence and self-esteem and become self-motivated.
To encourage emotional and physical development through outdoor learning, the children are given the opportunity to learn in, and about the natural environment, how to handle risks presented to them and to use their own initiative to solve problems and co-operate with others.
The Forest School practitioner will ensure that all the policies and procedures are in place to run a safe and effective Forest School. The practitioner will lead the children skillfully through challenging activities over a period of regular visits giving children the chance to develop confidence in our outdoor environment.
The sessions have been developed over a number of years allowing children to explore and develop at their own pace and within their own learning styles. The sessions link to the National Curriculum.
During the childrens adventures at Forest School this term they were given the opportunity to use high quality cameras to take photos of their environment. As you will be able to see, we have some particularly arty looking shots!