National Fitness Day September 2018

 The children were invited to an assembly to highlight National Fitness Day. The aim of the day was to encourage children to be active for an extra ten minutes each day.

We had a great time keeping active and exploring our new resources available to support lunchtime groups.

Miss Ferguson spoke about the upcoming events at Carcroft Primary to support sports in school.

  • Premier league referee training (Y5/6)
  • Bikeability training (Y5/6)
  • Diwali dance workshop (FS/Y1)
  • Swimming Charter Mark
  • Mini Kicks links with other schools for sport events
  • Football teams

We would love the children to fetch in their special achievements from external sports events!

The children engaged in a “wake and shake” up activity, which involved all children being active and following a dance routine. This ensured they were ready to start their leaning day and were all awake and raring to go!

We work closely with the kitchen staff to ensure a children receive a healthy meal daily. Today was no exception. The children spoke about the dietary meal wheel and how a little of each food group creates a healthy balanced diet. The children really enjoyed their banana cake today!