Whole School Assemblies 2018-2019

Autumn Term 1

Week 1 - Welcome back expectations! Link to new Beginnings & British Values: The Rule of Law (rules, codes of behaviour, expectations, self-worth: belonging to the Carcroft community, uniform, year groups)

Week 2 - Roald Dahl Day – Link to BFG

Week 4 - Harvest Festivals around the world Link to self-worth: sense of accomplishment (Christian harvest festival )– effort, perseverance, achievement, citizenship.

Week 6 - E-Safety (musically/instagram etc)

Week 8 - Diwali festival (tolerance, respect for other cultures/traditions)– link to Staying safe on Halloween/Bonfire Night

Autumn Term 2

Week 1 - Peace and Conflict - Remembrance Day

Week 2 - Children in Need – link to anti-bullying week

Week 4 - Christmas around the world (How different countries have adopted different traditions to enjoy the season)

Spring Term 1

Week 3 - KS1/LKS2 People who help us – Stranger Danger

Week 4 - UPKS2 Prevent strategy (Holocaust memorial week) The dangers of radicalisation - use the Holocaust as an example of how easy it was for people to become radicalised and then become perpetrators of horrendous crimes.

Week 5 - Internet safety day. 

Week 6 - International day of women and girls in science.

Spring Term 2

Week 2 - World Book Day

Week 4 - Recycling – raise awareness of recycling, explain why it matters and demonstrate that individual actions really do add up.

Week 5 - Democracy – The UK Government and Parliament (link to school council, choices we make)

Week 7 - St Georges Day – What it means to be British

Summer Term 1

Week 1 - The Queen’s Birthday – our Heritage

Week 3 - British Values – The Monarchy

Summer Term 2

Week 1 - Values – Friendship

Week 3 -  Values – Honesty

Week 5 -  Values – Determination

Week 7 -  Values - Being proud!

Whole School Assemblies 2018

Summer Term 1

Week 1. Keeping safe in school and information about who to speak to (pastoral team photographs / 0their roles in school)

Week 2. Keeping safe outside of school / in public (link back that they can speak to people inside school about this as well as parents) 

Week 3. Keeping safe online and on social media sites  (remind them that they can speak to people in school and at home about worries)

Week 4. Anti-bullying (covering school / outside school / online bullying)  

Week 5. British values - 'Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs' - Race and religion - Diversity and equality - Acceptance. 'Everyone has different ideas, faiths and beliefs and it is important that we respect this'. We all have the freedom to choose our beliefs and we all have a responsibility to accept those of others. Link back to anti-bullying / discrimination and our responsibility as staff to keep them safe from this 

Week 6. British values - 'Individual liberty' 'Everyone should be allowed to make their own choices.' 'Individual choices affect other people'. (link back to beliefs, faiths and anti-bullying) But also - 'Rule of Law' - The law dictates what is right and wrong so we must respect it. It protects us (our well being and safety) so our choices must be in line with the law. 

 Summer Term 2

Week 2. Radicalisation for UKS2

Week 3. British values - 'Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs' - Diversity - To develop pupils’ curiosity in others and cultural understanding of the diversity of experience of migration and belonging in people they know. To learn where people have lived and where they belong – focus on generations.

Week 4. Growth Mindset – Preparing children for Sports Day - teamwork, resilience and trying ones best. Share morals of the story of the tortoise and the hare.

Week 5 - Respect – British Values – Respecting property, link to multicultural.

Week 6 . (Transition Week) Spiritual Development – ‘Who are we?’ Develop pupils’ understanding of diversity within the school community and develop curiosity about the lives of others.

Week 7. All change - Preparing to move on!