Opening times


 Entry into School:8:25 – 8:30                                   
 School starts:8.30                                                            
Break:10.30 - 10.45                                                         Lunch:12:00 - 13:05                                                       
 School finishes:3pm


Children should not be at school more than 10 minutes before morning or afternoon school, unless they have a specific purpose (such as Breakfast Club) with permission to be on the premises.

Lower Foundation Hours

Before your child enters the FS1 (Nursery) you will be contacted and an opportunity arranged for you to exchange information with the FS1 staff.  A time will be arranged for you to attend the Foundation Unit with your child, on the day of entry, so that you and your child can be welcomed by the staff.

 Children attend either: -

 Morning Session: 08:30 – 11:30               

Afternoon Session: 12:10 – 15:10