Special Educational Needs

If you require any further information regarding SEN within school please feel free to book an appointment with one of our two SENCO's.

Head of KS2 SEN: Mrs Lynsey Pether

Head of KS1 SEN: Miss Emma Place


Please see below for documents relating to our SEN reports and local offer information. 

Doncaster SEN Information Report

Doncaster SEN Information Report 2017

Local Offer Requested Information 2017

Accessibility Policy

SEN Policy


The 2014 SEND Code of Practice outlines four areas of special educational need that include a range of difficulties and conditions:

-Communication and Interaction
-Cognition and Learning
-Social and Emotional Wellbeing
-Sensory and/or Physical


By clicking on each of the areas above you will be taken to the pages that give examples of these area of need with descriptions and links to suggested websites for gaining more information.


The code states that:
Many children and young people have difficulties that fit clearly into one of these areas; some have needs that span two or more areas; for others the precise nature of their need may not be clear at the outset.”